No more messy meetings.

Take notes, make todos, write messages, and manage your day all inside your meeting!

Use in your Zoom Calls, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams, on the Web, and on your Phone!
Completely free while we’re in testing

Take notes at a moment’s notice

Write all your notes for the call in a simple timeline view that pulls right from the Google Doc meeting notes attached to your event!

Showing the note section with a timeline view of all previous notes.
Action items showing with assignee and due dates

Stop copying action items to your todo lists

Create action items on the spot, assign people and due dates, and they will automatically sync with the todo apps your team uses!

Find a break in your day

Get a glimpse into your whole day right inside of any meeting! See what’s next, block out focus times, schedule the next meeting, and search for anything all in your current call.

See your whole day’s schedule and search anything.
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My name’s Christian, and I’m building this to reign in my day and stay present in calls!I lead a large team and find myself in quite a few meetings. So, I find myself bouncing from meeting to meeting tying up loose ends and organizing apps all over my screen!Enhancemeet will superpower any meeting and allow you to stay in the present!

Built with ❤️ by Christian Helvin
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Video Conferencing

Note Taking

Even more in the works…

Action Items

Even more in the works…

Calendar Management

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Video meeting showing all the tools Enhancemeet combines in one app!

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